About Us

Inspired by a lifelong commitment to science-backed skin wellness, we create products for healthier skin and for daily skin nourishment and protection.

At Medilab 365™, we are committed to delivering healthier skin 365 days a year, each and every single day. Our promises are delivered to meet your daily expectations.

As a leading company in the Over-the-Counter (OTC) category, we aim to maintain our position by developing a steady progression of innovative products to protect and enhance skin health. Our main goal is to treat, correct and restore compromised skin to a healthy state.

To succeed in a competitive environment, we must develop something other brands cannot offer. The results of our innovation must be consistent with our brand and resonate with consumers who are focused in keeping their skin healthy.

& Nourishing

The greatest balance

Discover a hydrating anti-bacterial backed by science.
Our team of scientists, medical doctors and beauty advisors help develop a unique alcohol-free formula with the highest quality ingredients, to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Benzalkonium cloride

An FDA approved antibacterial compound.


For emollient properties.


To help soothe repair skin’s protective barrier.

Aloe Vera

For moisturizing properties.

Vitamin E

For anti-aging properties.


For intense moisture.

Hand Sanitizer Foam

Face and Body

Hand Cream
Intense Moisture

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