Meet MediLab

At MediLab 365, we make antibacterial hand sanitizers that are non-toxic and nourishing to the skin. Our hand sanitizers are alcohol free and won't dry out your skin like brand name alcohol based gels and are made in a FDA certified facility in the USA.

Moisture Meets Protection

Effective & Alcohol-Free Nourishing Formulas

Our moisturizing, antibacterial hand sanitizer cream imparts deep moisture to the skin. Say buh-bye to dry, cracked hands and hello to our advanced hydration hand sanitizing formula.

Safe For The Entire Family

Rethink how you sanitize your body and environment. Our alcohol-free, antibacterial spray is safe to use on your face and body - without a sticky feel!

2-In-1 Protection

Our intense moisturizing hand sanitizer cream is formulated with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and antibacterial ingredients to keep moisture on your skin and germs off.

Non-Sticky Formulas

Our antibacterial hand sanitizers are made with a unique moisturizing formula that won't leave that pesky sticky feeling.

"I love the fact that I can spray it both on my body and clothing. I will buy it again."

"My face, arms and hands felt silky smooth after i sprayed the product. Really really nice feel!"

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